Nov 10, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and that means we are entering the busiest time of the year for many companies. The one thing everyone wants for Christmas is ….. (spoiler alert) ….  great customer service.


It is not always merry to be working on the floor when the line of determined Christmas shoppers keep getting longer and the range of their patience keep getting shorter. Therefore, it is absolutely key to support your employees during the busy holiday season.


Since last year was such a success we are once again customizing Christmas calendars for our clients to help them secure a joyful and profitable holiday season. The calendar is an additional module for the app solution that consists of 24 tiles with a customized Christmas design. You can fill the tiles with content of your choice. It could be quizzes that focus on Christmas edition products or inspirational content that spread the holiday spirit.


The module is a great way to reach your employees and motivate them to deliver quality service, even in the busiest of times. It is also an excellent tool to secure they all have the product knowledge they need to make the sales rate hit the roof. In the end of the day, great shopping experiences is what keep your revenues high and what secures the customer retention for your business.


The first of December is just around the corner so this is your last chance to get the Christmas calendar. Reach out to our office Santa Mie at to get more information about the module. Relesys is ready to make your wishes for business performance come true.

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