May 23, 2017

I think in general it’s clear that most bad things come from misunderstanding, and communication is generally the way to resolve misunderstandings, and the Web’s a form of communications, so it generally should be good” – Sir Tim Berners-Lee


Seeing the founder of the world wide web was a once in a lifetime experience. The Relesys team was beyond starstruck. Not only was this experience of seeing Sir Tim Berners-Lee humbling but also enlightening. His spirit inspires innovation and his insightful words are never forgotten. Sir Tim’s original idea for the world wide web was for everything to be easily accessible, meaning that everyone would have the information they need. Anywhere, anytime.


During the talk he discussed how media has become more centralized. This means that information is being stored in one specific website or app and not shared with others. In some regards this can seem normal, you want your friends on Facebook and your colleagues on LinkedIn. But what if you want to share pictures or information between the two networks? It would take you longer than hoped for and you might just give up entirely and start separating your content.


Centralizing media makes communication difficult. It creates blockades and walls when all you want to do is share and expand your network. The world wide web is a beautiful and free platform, it should not be restricted. Think about how centralized media would hinder your work. HQ creates an idea or policy they keep it to themselves and do not share their brainstorming with any other levels. This would cause mass confusion and misunderstandings throughout the company. Similarly, employees should be able to freely express their knowledge and ideas with different levels of the company. This will increase work ethic and once an idea is chosen everyone will already be on-board.


Relesys understands how centralization can build barriers within a company. This is why we have taken Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s exemplary mindset and applied it to our app.


Have a look at the event in the video below!




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