Nov 01, 2017

When we wake up in the morning, we check our phone. When we have a break at work, we check our phone. When we relax at home, we check our phone. Before we go to bed at night, we check our phone – some of us even sleep with our phone.


More than 2.6 billion people are using smartphones across the world, and 87% of them have the phone by their side day and night, this was proved in a study by DeviceAtlas. Google has officially structured the search engine algorithm to favor mobile sites since more than half of all online interactions are taking place through smartphone devices.


”Mobile is no longer winning, it has already won”, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman & former CEO of Google.


This enormous shift to mobile platforms has changed the game for businesses in all industries, whether you like it or not. You have to reach your consumers, where they are – which is dominantly at their mobile platforms. Relesys has no doubt that businesses that recognise the dominance of mobile platforms, both externally and internally, will be at the forefront of their industry. Because the same strategy counts internally, if you want to reach your employees, you have to reach them where they are at – which is also dominantly at the mobile platforms.



Make Mobile First Your Business Priority

Relesys have been working towards the mobile first mindset, in the business world, from the very beginning. We know that companies can reach and engage their employees directly through a mobile platform and significantly increase the performance level of their business in a more efficient way.


All of our clients has taken the first step towards the inevitable technological development and chosen the strategy of Mobile first. We dare to say that business that does not take mobile first into consideration, will have less growth. Bold move? Well, we base our business on this statement and as the statistic above also states, the focus on mobile as the main platform, should be a number one priority.

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