Apr 06, 2017

Everyone has experienced that warm feeling inside from receiving a compliment or hearing someone say ‘thank you’. People tend to seek out this feeling and this leads them to want to perform behaviours that will give them positive feedback.


This cycle of performing an action and receiving praise is known as operant conditioning by means of positive reinforcement and it was developed from studying rats. A psychologist named B.F. Skinner developed an experiment where the rats would press a lever and receive a sweet snack. This sweet snack, the positive reinforcement, gave the rats that same warm feeling and it made them want to continue pressing the lever.


So what does Relesys have to do with rat studies? Relesys understands that positive feedback, or positive reinforcement, in the workplace is an important aspect that helps employees grow. An American study estimated that about 70% of employees do not receive positive feedback. This deficit has lead to lower work motivation as well as low job satisfaction. What if month after month you never heard anyone say ‘thank you’ or ‘good job’? that would feel pretty demotivating…


When working in tandem with companies, Relesys has expressed how a social component is germane to a successful app. Many companies have adapted this idea and asked for a social wall that many employees use to like, comment, and post on how others are doing. Some employees who have used this feature say that this is one of the best parts about the app and that all the positive feedback really impacts their work performance.


So if you want happy workers who are motivated to do their job, try writing your team member a personalized message telling them how great they are!

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