Mar 20, 2017

Relesys Performance App as a competitive advantage


Since the beginning of the IT revolution, management teams have invested in systems that supposedly increase flexibility and lower the boundaries of communication amongst employees. This has created a challenge with large investments and management expectations of immediate results and fast ROI. In order to solve these challenges the employees would need to naturally be motivated to use the information tools available. The Relesys team spends time and resources to understand each client’s needs and pinpoints where in the company the app can assist most. This attention to detail gives the team the opportunity to customize the Performance App to the clients need.


Magasin Du Nord 


In 2016, Magasin had its best result ever. Both the online- and department store had a significant increase in sales. Magasin was founded in 1868 in Aarhus by Theodor Wessel and Emil Vett. From there it has grown to one of the biggest department stores in the Northern Europe and today they have departments in Kgs. Nytorv, Lyngby, Fields, Rødovre, Odense & Aarhus. Their focus the last couple of years has been to improve the shopping experience both online and in-store. Magasin has also had a largely focus on their employees and strengthening the thighs between the different levels within the organisation.


Relesys released their Magasin app for all employees, associated with the brand in August 2016. Thor Palmhøj is the HR director at Magasin and he was responsible for implementing the app together with the Relesys team. This was aligned with the strategy of strengthening the employee’s relationship and knowledge. After six months with the Performance App, the Relesys team called Thor to gain some insight on how the app was working. Today the app has almost 2000 users, and the employees checks the app more than 5 times a day. The employees have so far created more than 2300 social posts!




Thor states that the accountability and flexibility works well with how their business operates. The direct messaging function of the app and the ease in which employees can give feedback has changed the whole communication flow. The question is no longer if the employees have read the message but how will the employees execute the given information. Having an app in your pocket lowers the boundary between the different levels within the organisation.


On-time communication


Magasin wanted to appear more agile in their market and to reduce the on-board process from 6 to 3 months. With the help of Relesys they lowered the barriers for training, communication and feedback. Thor, and the rest of the board at Magasin, found that Relesys responded to their needs and that the app was easy to implement.

In the implementation phase Magasin experienced that The Relesys Performance App was quick and easy to develop. It was up and running within 1-2 months, which is very impressive, says Thor Palmhøj. He also explains that with the Relesys Performance App Magasin has changed their strategy by going from push to pull with their information- and communication flow. The involvement and gamification is a big motivation for all employees to use the Relesys Performance App, because users can post, share and give feedback in an instant.


Management tool


We also asked Thor Palmhøj if the app has affected management’s way of working and the flow of information. The Performance App makes it possible for Magasin to develop their assets and advance their own processes much more. It brings a lot more value to the completion of different projects, because you can get faster and more reliable feedback, when more people can be involved. Magasin saw the Relesys Performance App as a tool, but the fact of the matter is that it has now become a big part of the overall decision strategy for the entire company. Lower barriers and a faster information flow, in the end makes it easier to make decisions and act on them. Creativity, innovation, and communication help the work environment excel beyond the bare minimum. Relesys has created a mind-set based on these ideals and in turn they have revolutionized the way that companies grow.


We are happy and proud to have Magasin as a customer and being able to adapt the Relesys Performance App based on the individual client’s needs, is by far the most important task for the Relesys Performance App.




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