powerful integrations

Connect your

Our platform is not an island. It’s designed to connect with a range of digital solutions. You won’t have to abandon existing systems, and your employees will have one entry point to all information and tools.

A seamless experience

A specialized

Our dedicated integrations team provides you with a full integrations onboarding service.


We monitor and support more than 300 integrations daily for our clients.


We always maintain and develop our systems and services to adapt to change.

Powerful Integrations

Keep it all

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Multiple systems?
Not anymore.

It’s annoying switching between different systems. We make it easy for you with everything in one place.

Enhance what
you’ve already got

Why get rid of systems already working for you? We are here to help you integrate everything into your platform.

user integrations

All your users.
All in one place.

There’s no need to waste time inputting all your employees into the platform. User integrations completely automate the process so you can create, update, maintain, and delete users through your own employee management system.

sales KPI Tools

Motivation through

Your employees want to know how they’re performing, so motivate them and create transparency with integrated Sales KPIs. These can be customized to your business and segmented by company, department, or individual KPIs.

duty planning

Schedule with ease

Why make your employees use multiple tools to see their schedule when they can have access in one place? Make it easy for them to see their shifts, look at who they’re working with, organize swaps, and get a glimpse at the overall schedule.