/ Pro Modules

Increase your Performance

Can be used for:
  • Automated Pre-, On- and Offboarding

  • Store or Product Training

  • Customized Training Academy

  • Badges like certificates or diplomas

  • Product Knowledge

Set Goals and Direction

You define the content and set the goals for your employees. Create courses to develop your employees' knowledge and skills and award them with badges based on their performance.

Follow your employees’ performance and completion rate directly from your phone, and see how far they are in the training programs from pre-, on- and offboarding to specific targeted courses in a certain field.


Make skill training and personal development fun and motivating with our Training Pro. We have implemented elements from videogames throughout the app to make your employees perform better and be more efficient meanwhile they are competing against each other.

Training Pro helps:

  • Increase learning engagement

  • Increase attendance and participation

  • Decrease the gap between high- and low-learners

Points & Badges

When your employees finish a course, they get an achievement in term of a badge which will be shown on their personal profile. You are also able to personalize the badges so your employees can become “Customer Service Master” or “Product Specialist”.  

The achieved points and badges can be seen by all colleagues. This system creates a fun competition between your staff and is a great motivational factor to perform and do better.


The Chat module allows your employees to have one-to-one conversations and group chats. Chat replaces the internal communication that normally takes place in Facebook groups. With Chat your staff can communicate on the platform instead of their personal social media accounts.


The Operations Pro module has no limitations of creativity when it comes to reports, assessments, evaluations and development. You can modify everything, and all data are assembled in the app and visible for the ones you decide to gather the information.

Can be used for:
  • Employee Assessment

  • Workplace Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

  • Talent Scouting & Recruitment

  • Store Check & Mystery Shopping Score

  • Task Management

  • Checklist & Compliance Meter

Evaluation & Reports

In the backend system you can download all your reports and data. You can analyze and compare the data to get insights of where to invest and keep up the good work. Also, you can follow improvements from day to day or month to month.

Optimization of the Operational Work

All reports and data are assembled in the app and visible for the ones you decide to gather this information. This optimizes your daily operations because all data is stored digitally in the same place and it makes emails and excel documents unnecessary

Valuable Data Insights

Compare data and reports to get a clear overview of the performance and development of your employees and business. This will help you make data driven decisions on where to improve both on an employee level and on a store/ organizational level.