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The tool to produce engagement on the factory floor

Communication is key in production. In an industry with high safety risks, continuous training, and ongoing compliance, a digital communications tool is a must.

are disengaged in their workplace*

*Gallup, 2019

Address the
engagement gap

Reach all employees

Use proven digital tools

The time for digitization in production is now. Give your non-desk workers the same communication opportunities as your office staff with a digital platform. Involve your entire workforce to create instant connections and more social engagement, and watch a closer working environment develop between HQ and the factory floor.

top-level conditions

Make safety your
top priority

In manufacturing and production, safety protocols must be of the highest standard to pursue your productivity goals. Instantly notify all employees about safety regulations and provide access to databases of compliance guidelines. Embrace the modern way to digitally track compliance, so you can ensure their safety.

Conquer the skills gap

Upskill your

Labor shortages in manufacturing and production will only worsen as workers age, and high turnover rates are not helping. The industry needs digital solutions to upskill existing workers while attracting new hires. Invest in your workforce through an accessible training solution that encourages internal growth and furthers career progression.

manufacturing & Production

Benefit your production workers

How can the Relesys platform assist your organization?

Expansion & Improvement


Utilize a digital platform to ensure both engagement and productivity on the factory floor. When a workforce lacks access to information and technologies, productivity suffers, so engage your workforce and make them loyal employees.

Informative & appealing


Training in production is complex. Employees need digestible training to make the process easy, create a culture of learning, and encourage growth. And, establish accessibility with talk-to-text, images, and videos.

Achievement & Progress

to work

Your workers need to be ready to work safely from day one, so make the process easy. With access to certifications and emergency guidelines, track their progress to make sure they are ready to work while reducing the risk of injury.

Optimized & Agile


Give all production workers access to easy-to-follow task management. Use our innovative technology to upgrade your analog systems: no need for paper and documents here when all daily tasks and checklists are in the app.

What our production
clients say

"We needed a tool where we could engage our production workers, including the ones working weekends and nights. We can now reach all of our employees to ensure that we keep them on the same path as we grow the business"

Josephine Hegelund
HR Manager at Amcor Flexibles Denmark

"For us, MyVestas is a tool for changing the culture, for digitalizing production processes, and for involving our people in improving our quality, safety, and productivity. Engagement is the keyword"

Line Møller Roland
Lead Specialist, Communication & Digital Change Management, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

"Our internal communication has been much better after introducing the app as we can easily share information with everyone in the company."

Amalie Ussing
Communications Manager at Elis

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