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Optimize your business with The Relesys Platform. We gather all your communication, daily operations and training in one solution, making it easily accessible to all of your employees at any time.

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By targeting specific information to specific employee groups you can structure your communication flows and make sure that everybody is up to date and well informed.

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Our native apps are compatible with both IOS and Android devices, allowing you to send cross system pushed notifications.

Engage Your

Our software engages and develops your employees' personal growth and aspires them to achieve more. The app makes it possible to make data driven decisions and implement strategies to increase the overall productivity of your company.

Our Core Modules

Seamless onboarding

You can digitally onboard all of your employees and build an engaging onboarding journey with gamification, that includes everything from pre-boarding, onboarding, personal training, evaluating and feedback.

Increase Your

Keep all of your employees on top of their game. Our employee training tools support everyone in their professional growth and encourage them to perform their best while having fun.

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IntegrateD systems

We provide integrations to a wide range of standard systems. So don’t worry, you won’t have to give up on systems that are already working for you and your business.

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Safe & Reliable

We protect your data with encryption in transit and at rest, and we provide administrative controls to enforce organization-wide protection such as SAML SSO, enforced 2FA and SCIM.

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"The internal communication has been much better since introducing the app, since we can easily share information with everyone within the company"
Christina Voss
HR Partner
"The staff asked us to make something happen so they could get all the information in one place, and here the app was a perfect solution for us"
Hampus Åkerlund
Sales Manager for BAUHAUS Sweden
"When I saw the app for the first time it was like I found the holy grail. I know it’s a strong word, but it was really encapsulating everything that I saw in front of me, we needed to have"
Mikael Olsson
CEO of Mercedes-Benz Försäljnings AB Malmö