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Internal communication at the fingertips helps all employees to stay informed. Reach everyone at the same time on the same platform.

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Professional growth

Make data-driven decisions for your company based on measurements of internal communication activity and training sessions.

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Analytic insight

Make data driven decisions for your company based on measurements of internal communication and training sessions.

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Implement our customized platform and increase your employees' engagement, taking your business to the next level.

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“Our focus with the app is to provide a source of information that makes the daily work tasks easier and more efficient for our employees”
“It just glues the whole company together. Everyone is now focused on the fact that it is important to heighten the experience you get, when you walk into a Peak Performance store”
“We have measured things, and we have seen the employee commitment and satisfaction going more or less sky rocking. If we look at sales, revenues and financial figures, we see the same development”
“if you’re not engaged with the company you’re working for, then you’re probably not offering the best customer service possible”

Designed to fit your needs

We customize the platform to match your needs, integrations and the visual identity of your brand.

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ONBoarding and
training template

Create your customized onboarding program, with this template for a seamless onboarding and training process

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Marriage Strategy

In common for all our collaborations is our mindset to build every relationship for the long run. We are there every step of the way to help our clients grow their people and their business.

About Us

“Our drive and ambition are to create significant app solutions that make a real difference for our customers.”

Jesper Rooesgard, CEO

"The internal communication has been much better since introducing the app, since we can easily share information with everyone within the company"
Christina Voss
HR Partner
"The staff asked us to make something happen so they could get all the information in one place, and here the app was a perfect solution for us"
Hampus Åkerlund
Sales Manager for BAUHAUS Sweden
"When I saw the app for the first time it was like I found the holy grail. I know it’s a strong word, but it was really encapsulating everything that I saw in front of me, we needed to have"
Mikael Olsson
CEO of Mercedes-Benz Försäljnings AB Malmö

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