Your app-based solution

Missing a tool to communicate and engage with all your employees? We’re here to help.

Customized to your brand.
Co-developed with you.  
Modular in design

These are the building blocks to reach, engage, and unite your workforce.

Start with Essentials

The foundational modules and features you need to get started
with our platform.

Enhance with add-ons

Extra options to help with your platform's performance and functionality.

Expand your platform

Choose one or more Pro Package for a more targeted business solution.

Start with

The foundational structure you need to get started with our platform.

Expand Your

Choose one or more Pro Package for a more targeted business solution.

Enhance with

Extra options to help with your platform's performance and functionality.

Relesys Essentials

This is the tool to put your employees first and empower your workforce. The app is customized to suit your needs while staying intuitive, easily accessible, and user-friendly, benefitting you and your employees.

Streamline all communication
Engage & motivate
Strengthen company
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Share news

Publish company news and ensure it’s seen with 'swipe to confirm' and 'seen by' functionalities

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Easily accessible guidelines

Structure HR policies & regulations into easy-to-read handbooks accessible via the app

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Communicate to
multiple departments

Tailor messages using informational hierarchies and send targeted push notifications

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Prioritize all employees with their own personal profile that collects all individual platform activity

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Score points by interacting with surveys, quizzes, and other gamified content to increase engagement

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See employee motivation through work moods, KPI dashboards, and feedback capabilities

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Boost social

Nurture a community feeling through social groups, events, and a shared calendar for all employees to see

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Gain insights on the log-in frequency and department activities with easy-to-follow dashboards

Connect your

Our platform is not an island. It’s designed to connect with a range of digital solutions. You won’t have to abandon existing systems, and your employees will have one entry point to all information and tools.

More About Integrations

Protect your

Security. It’s our top priority. We’re committed to upholding the highest security and privacy standards alongside strict GDPR compliance to ensure our clients can always rely on our safe and secure platform.

More About Security

Ready to level up?

The Pro Packages build on top of the
Essentials platform, providing you with more focused solutions for your company.
Mix and match with one pack, two, or all three.

Advance your

Get ready to enhance your internal communication flows. Help nurture a thriving working environment by boosting social dialogue.

See Communications Pro
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Develop &

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Grow your workforce with engaging pre-boarding, onboarding, and explorative training universes.

See Training Pro

Optimize your

Get rid of your outdated systems. It’s time to simplify your workflows and organize business-crucial operations in one digital platform.

See Operations Pro

How can we help your industry?

Hundreds of organizations are already using our platform. Are you ready to join them? See how our solution can assist with your specific industry needs.