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Training PRO

The only employee training platform you need

Your employees are your most valuable asset, so make sure you’re investing in their personal development. Grow your workforce with engaging pre-boarding, onboarding, and explorative training universes.


Give your workforce the keys to success

On-the-go onboarding

Accessible onboarding anytime, anywhere on all employees' phones.

Leadership development

Encourage your employees to become better leaders and keep employee retention high.

Continuous growth

Let employees continuously grow their skillset through voluntary training universes.

welcome and onboard new hires

Prepare new hires with effective onboarding processes

Our platform allows you to create a thorough pre - and onboarding experience for all new hires, including a digital starter pack filled with vital information to ensure they are informed and ready to perform from their very first day.


Tailored welcome pages


Relevant pre- and onboarding training


Management welcome video


Feedback & evaluation flow


Automated rules based on needs

Develop & grow all employees

Boost Employee Retention and Unleash Your Team's Potential

Create motivating training materials to encourage growth, development, and retention amongst your workforce. Your employees can take charge of their own development and seize growth opportunities within your organization.


Structure training in phases and levels


Establish mandatory courses and lessons


Build a voluntary and seasonal training universe


Set training deadlines


Reward with badges and certificates

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Empower Your Managers with Streamlined Training

Simplify and Scale Training

Sometimes it’s hard for managers to track their employees’ development while on the go. Our platform gives managers a clear overview of training within their department, providing valuable insights into their employees’ training progression.


In-app training activity dashboard


Manager checklists for onboarding


Let managers know when to follow up


Organization-wide training insights


Filter options and capabilities

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What’s included?*

  • Mandatory training
  • Time-based training
  • Pre-, on-, and offboarding*
  • Manager dashboard in the app
  • Voluntary training universe
  • Employee evaluation form
  • Training certificates
  • Training dashboard

*Training PRO is a premium solution that requires the Essentials package to be implemented first.


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