The digital solution helping you get from A to B

With workers spread far and wide, you need to be able to reach everyone. A digital platform will always make your employees feel close, no matter their actual distance.

are considering to terminate their current employment

*New York Times, 2022

Drive the
turnover down


Alert and notify over distances

Working in transportation can be dangerous, so it’s vital that you can reach your employees, no matter their time or location. Targeted messaging lets you notify all employees of crucial information while safety dashboards alert and track incident KPIs. So don’t worry, your employees will always be safe and informed while on the road.

Value your workers

Leave no
employee behind

Drivers spend a lot of time alone on the road. Reach and connect your employees with an easy-to-use mobile tool. Boost a community feeling through digitized social sharing and groups to increase employee morale and engagement. Show your employees why your organization is above the rest so they can be proud to represent you on the road.

upgrade your systems

Use technology that
works for you

IT is a bit of a sore spot for many transportation companies. Adopt technology that actually benefits you. Remove traditional logbooks or paperwork and track distance and routes with our digital operations tool. Upgrade your employees’ working experience and become more sustainable and competitive in the process.


Benefit your transportation workers

How can the Relesys platform assist your organization?

Informative & accessible

Guidelines in
one place

Gather all your HR guidelines and handbooks into the app to remove information roadblocks. With one point of access, your workers will always have important company information and FAQs at their fingertips: now get rid of those paper folders.

upskill & engage

Address future
training issues now

With an aging workforce, address the upcoming skills and driver shortages with engaging and interactive training accessible from anywhere. Invest in your existing employees’ development and be surprised by how far they will progress.

integral & essential

Keep staying

Struggling to keep your employees updated on compliance, strategies, safety regulations, and legislation? Fear not. Targeted and trackable communication means you can inform your employees while always staying compliant.

Agile & adaptive

Use creativity
in transportation

Get creative with how you engage your drivers. Use different forms of interactive and playful content to communicate in a fun way with our campaign calendar. Or create your own podcast with news from the app for drivers to listen to on the road.

What our transportation
clients say

"We chose a digital platform as we are spread all over the country. Many employees work at night or speak different languages. Communication is vital to stay in dialogue with all our employees. And we are"

Tanja Lundgaard
Head of People and Culture at DAO

"The app has made our non-desk colleagues more accessible and they are more informed about initiatives and novelties in our company. The employees appreciate this and experience feeling like a bigger part of Hørkram".

Signe Fjællegaard
Communication Specialist at Hørkram

"The app is a very good tool for our internal communication between our different companies. Creating a community for all our employees no matter geographical location".

Håkan Wessel
CEO of Norva24

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