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Operations PRO

Streamline & Digitize Day-to-Day Operations

Still relying on outdated analogue systems? It’s time to simplify your workflows and organize business-crucial operations into one digital platform with our Operations Pro solution. Be smarter with your internal processes.


Transform your daily processes

Paperless reports

Create, track and organize all reports through the click of a button for all your employees.

Integrated systems

Centralized, accessible information lets your workforce achieve greater results.

Fun & manageable tasks

In-app gamification elements make task management and checklists exciting.

Boost Your Workforce's Productivity

Streamline Daily Tasks with Intelligent Task Management

Our platform lets you simplify the daily workflow through an easy and intuitive task management system. Your employees will have a much clearer overview of all their daily tasks, while managers can overlook progress and track task completion rates.


Create, assign & track tasks


Add categories, files, and notes


Notify about deadlines


Reward points upon task completion


Various API integrations

Execute next level operations

Boost Efficiency with Customizable Digital Checklists and Reporting

Target checklists depending on your business goals and generate reports to digitize and unify your internal processes. Managers can quickly spot issues and document them, and employees can then correct any identified issues.


Structure company-wide checklists


Collect data on reporting activities


Have a complete overview of reports


Like, view, and comment


Track and find reports

build your own processes

Streamline Collaboration and Boost Productivity with Customizable Workflows

Customize and structure your own workflows with ease based on company flowcharts, and help enable interactive feedback loops between managers and employees. Employees can report on what’s relevant to them, while managers can oversee.


Collaborate and create together


Monitor and follow-up


Use field ranges and data types


Grade and score reports


Smart notifications and next steps


What’s included?*

  • Create & distribute tasks
  • Input fields, ratings, media, text, checklists
  • Track completion rates
  • Create rules & conditions for filling out data
  • Task dashboard in the app
  • Notifications based on advanced form flows
  • Create large datasets
  • Checklists dashboard
  • Split forms into stages by roles

*Operations PRO is a premium solution that requires the Essentials package to be implemented first.

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