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But here we let our customers' results speak for themselves.

Berendsen: A Communication Platform That Builds Company Pride

Berendsen had different challenges with their internal communication. The only way they could reach out to their employees was through an intranet or outdated printed sheets.

BAUHAUS: A Communication Platform That Ensures to Reach Every Employee

BAUHAUS had difficulties reaching every employee with their communication. Therefore, they invested in a digital communication platform

Mercedes-Benz: How to Get the Most Out of a Communication Platform

Mercedes-Benz found “the holy grail” in a business communication app that decreases the distance between HQ, non-desk workers and their business.

Maxi Zoo: A One Point of Contact Communication Platform

Maxi Zoo gathered all their employee communication in one platform and increased their productivity.

Netto: Employee Engagement Is Key To a Sucessful Business

Netto found a way to communicate and engage with their employees on a day to day basis with their Relesys employee engagement App.

Illum: Connecting Business Through Employee Engagement

In this article, Illum shares their experience with the Relesys Platform and how they connect their business through employee engagement activities.

Peak Performance: Our Employees Are the Exception

Relesys helped Peak Performance customize their app with a new module to meet the company's strategy in empowering their internal culture even more.

Løgismose Meyers: Advice On Adopting a Communication Platform

HR Director in Løgismose Meyers, Lisbet Steen, shares her insights about implementing a digital communication platform to improve internal communication.

Siteimprove: Bridging Offices & Connecting People

Relesys has worked with Siteimprove to create an internal communication app empowering employees to stay connected and informed as they continue to grow.

Telia: An Employee Engagement App Is a Path Of Possibilities

With their employee engagement app, Telia has united all their communication and information systems into one communication platform.

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