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Photo of retail workers having a conversation

The on-the-go app for all retail workers

Finally, an accessible platform that supports retail workers on the shop floor! Bridge the communications gap between your HQ and stores so all your employees can stay informed.

Photo of retail workers having a conversation
Phone screen showcasing messaging feature of the app for retail workers

Enhance communication between HQ and deskless workers

The retail world is constantly changing and your workers need a modern tool to match. Outdated intranets, emails, and bulletin boards are just not beneficial for those on the floor. With our platform, you can connect HQ and all stores through streamlined and targeted communication to reach all your employees.

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Targeted communication




Newsfeed and ticker


Knowledge library


The only training platform you need

The retail industry has a high employee turnover rate and rehiring is both costly and time-consuming. Combat this issue by inspiring your employees through gamification. Easily track the progress of your workers with the manager overview. It’s time to grow their potential so you can increase retention.


Relevant pre - & onboarding training


Establish mandatory courses & lessons


Build a voluntary & seasonal training universe


In-app training activity dashboard

Phone showcasing training module of the app for retail workers
Phone showcasing the

Elevate your customer experience

Improve customer service and increase product knowledge in your stores with an accessible tool that provides product information and KPI dashboards to all your employees. Help keep your floor staff informed of product changes and seasonal trends. Customer expectations have shifted so let your employees stay ahead of the game by using a modern IT solution.


Guidelines and handbooks


Various sales integrations


Catalog product information


Scan and collect product details

Benefit your retail workers

Always up to date

Now more than ever, it’s integral to keep your stores informed. Give digital access to vital information and instantly notify about workplace updates, changing schedules, and crisis information. And you can easily track who has read what.

Gamified onboarding

You’re never more motivated to work than just before you start. Create engaging pre - and onboarding experiences to support growth. No need for in-person training when you have a mobile solution.

Value all employees

Enhance transparency and encourage cross-organizational communication through chats, social groups, and knowledge sharing features. Connect all your stores to create and nurture a thriving community company-wide.

Operations on the go

Embrace innovation with business-crucial store operations in one place. Let your retail workers be agile while on the shop floor with their tasks and workflows accessible in one place. Watch and see how unified your organization can be.


Engage your workforce with the Relesys app