The key ingredient to engaging hospitality workers

To say that hospitality is fast-paced is an understatement. That’s why it’s crucial all workers are connected and informed. Be agile with a digital tool that’s actually hospitable.

expect to leave their job in 3-6 months

*Mckinsey, 2021

your employees

24/7 working systems

Embrace a digital solution

The hospitality industry runs 24/7 and so should your systems. Relying on outdated analog processes is not suitable in this highly digitized age.

And as many hospitality workers don’t have access to a computer or email, remove bottlenecks and provide them with a modern working tool to communicate with them at work, no matter their shift time or location.

create inspiring training

Combat your
employee turnover

Unlock the key to training and retaining your employees as the costs of a high staff turnover can quickly stack up.

Make your employees feel like a valued part of your company through gamified and engaging digital training with avenues for growth.

Follow engagement, results, and progression to utilize your own passionate employees.

Adapt Faster

Become resilient
to change

Keep your hospitality workers informed in real-time of changing events and up-to-date safety regulations, alongside access to health certifications.

As hospitality workers are always on the go and are usually customer-facing, it’s vital to communicate with them while not taking them off the floor.

Revolutionize their working experience with an easy-to-use digital tool.


Benefit your hospitality workers

How can the Relesys platform assist your organization?

Growth & Development


Hotel and restaurant managers are not always there to brief employees. Make sure all teams stay informed with streamlined communication. Don’t depend on person-to-person conversations, and you won’t lose any details in the process.

Relevant & Timely


Only need to message your chefs or front-of-house hotel staff? Instantly target your communication built on company hierarchies, so only the right people receive this information. And, remove any risk of information overload.

Dialogue & evaluation

Nurture feedback
and conversation

You need to provide your employees with an outlet for feedback. With the many different roles in hospitality, allowing for all voices to be heard boosts morale, creates transparency, and invites career progression within your own company.

Optimized & Agile

Work smarter
with operations

Consolidate your hotel or restaurant operations into one place, eliminating the need for paper documents, and binder folders. And, now you can finally measure and use actionable data! See the benefits of digital operations in hospitality.

What our hospitality
clients say

"We now have a tool to communicate with our employees and can get direct and quick feedback from our frontline staff. The platform also helps with consistent and continuous training across all cinemas."

Niels Andersen
Experience Excellence Manager at Nordisk Film

"The platform is an irreplaceable part of our employees' day-to-day operations. The biggest strength is without a doubt, that we are able to communicate easily and effectively between our HQ and stores."

Sara Yelva Ring Kristensen
Business Consultant at Sunset Boulevard

"By being able to post content quick and easy and see if employees have read it, we can ensure that the quality of our services are kept high, especially in the past year with many and rapid changes!"

Tonnie Sijbrant
Service & Hospitality Coordinator at Vue Cinema Netherlands

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