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Below are a few FAQs about the Relesys platform.
You can also reach out to us and we’ll get back to you ASAP at

What is Relesys?

Relesys was founded on the principle that to grow your business, you need to grow your people. That’s why we help companies reach, engage, and unite the power of their workforces by bridging the gap between their non-desk and office workers.


We do this through our unique, customized, and mobile-first platform that streamlines communications, training, and operations. We are here to revolutionize engagement and performance management for all companies and to become the best-in-class provider of app-based business communication and performance software.

Our platform is fully designed to adhere to our client’s specific brand identity and style. We are not a plug-and-play solution and we continuously co-develop our platform with each client to ensure it meets their growing business demands, resulting in long-lasting business partnerships.

What benefits does your platform bring?

Our key mission at Relesys is to bring people together. We want all employees to feel like they are a core part of their company. We do so by removing information and communication bottlenecks and providing a space for employee social interaction. If your employees are informed and engaged, they will not only perform their job properly, but they will also feel ready to work and proud to be a part of your organization.

What does your pricing strategy look like?

Our app is modular in design, meaning you can pick and choose the packages that suit your company’s needs. All clients must have the Essentials package: this is the foundational structure of our platform. From here you can choose one, two, or all three of our Pro Packages, which are more targeted in their features. Our Pro Packages are Communications Pro, Training Pro, and Operations Pro. We also offer additional add-ons to enhance your app’s functionality.

We already have several platforms that can do the things you offer, why should we switch?

At Relesys, it’s the people and partnerships that matter to us most. We want you to get the most out of your own platform and for it to address all your needs. That’s why our solution is not generic or plug-and-play. Our all-in-platform is fully co-developed and customized to your business.


We call this partnership ‘the marriage strategy’. This means that we create a collaborative and continuous partnership with you, and always ensure your app is reaching its full potential. You will co-create the app with our team at Relesys, meaning you can create the app you want and have an impact on its implementation.


You will also have an entire team behind you the entire way. Our Client Success team will be there with you to create your perfect app. Initially, you will be in contact with the Implementation team from Client Success who will guide you through the beginning process. You will participate in several workshops to ensure you fully understand how to use the platform and its functionalities.


After the launch of your app, you will then be taken care of by the Relations team from Client Success. They are your go-to contact person. Our development, design, and support teams are also always available to continuously spar with you and look into how your app can grow even further. We can always change up your app, add more to it, and help you grow the solution.


We also always keep up to date on the latest industry trends and inform you about how you can continue to drive engagement and utilize the learnings from the data in your app.


And finally, we also bring with us a wealth of industry knowledge. All our team members have experience working in hospitality, retail, production, and many other industries so we know the specific needs and pains of each.

Is there also a desktop version available?

Yes, while our platform is primarily app-based, we also have a desktop version. Our backend portal is also desktop-based. This is where the app administrators can track and manage content. Some of our analytic oversights are also accessed via the portal.

Please note: content and some analytics can also be created and accessed via the app itself.

Is there a tablet version available?

Yes, there is a tablet version available. This functions just like the phone-based app.

What languages are supported in your platform?

We currently support 23 languages in our platform.

What kind of modules are there?

We offer multiple modules to support the essentials, communications, training, and operational functions. Multiple modules are included in each package. Please check each Pro Package page to find out more.

Can I expand the platform later?

Yes, you can expand the platform later. There is no time limit to when a Pro Package can be added to your platform. Therefore, you can have the Essentials app and then decide upon one or more Pro Packages at a later date. To find out more, reach out to your Project Manager.

Can you integrate with our existing systems?

Absolutely. We don’t want you to get rid of systems already working for you. That’s why we have a dedicated Integrations Team here to help integrate your existing systems into our platform. We run over 300 integrations daily and are constantly monitoring all integrations to ensure everything is running smoothly.


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